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Baday Toilet Seat - a judicious combination of conventional toilet seat cover with built-in Baday, water-massage and heated seats. This is a whole class of devices that connect to the whole set of unique features and functions designed to raise the level of individual hygiene at previously unattainable level.

There are Baday Toilet Seats of two basic form-factors:

- The Baday-seat is installed on the usual toilet

- Automatic Baday-toilet - toilet lid with integrated bidet and a system of automatic flushing.

Baday Toilet SeatIn any case, the need to acquire and use regular old-fashioned Baday is useless, and therefore exempt expensive living space in the bathroom, as well as solving the problem of lack of space for Baday in small toilets. Additional comfort lays in the fact that you can use the Baday toilet seat without moving from, that for classical even the most expensive toilet and Baday tandem is impossible. Office of the Baday toilet and Baday seat is computer, device nodes are automated, so their functionality much exceeds the capabilities of the usual plumbing.

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