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Many people still do not know how to use a Baday. Terms of using Baday mean that it is necessary to use the toilet before using the Baday, the main purpose of bidet - to wash your lower parts after it.

It is believed that it is necessary to sit on a bidet facing the faucet. In fact, it's a matter of taste and is not the canon. It's just a matter of rationality and feasibility. Some say that it is most convenient in use of Baday sitting back to taps and to wall. How to use BadayBaday is not a substitute of procedure for taking a shower or bath! Most people who use Baday, have showers or baths and regularly take a shower. Nevertheless, the using of Baday allows you not take a shower more often than it is necessary, and eliminating the tedious procedure cleaning bath or shower tray. The broadest purpose of Baday are, as we have said, - for the elderly or people with disabilities.

And for people with hemorrhoids, which affects up to 99% of office-seating professions, a Baday is becoming a necessity, a matter of life and death: a vulnerable area should be preserved from any injurious effects, which is the use of even the softest toilet paper. Often toilet rooms of hospitals equipped with a Baday because of their obvious utility to maintain hygiene.

Culture of using a Baday in different countries.

How to use Baday 2Using a Baday is a common procedure in many European countries, particularly in France,Italy, Greece, Spain, Latin America - especially Argentina and Uruguay, where Badays are in the homes of about 90% of the population, in the Middle East, as well as in some Asian countries. Especially Baday is popular in Japan, where the electronic Baday toilet seats installed in private homes and hotels. In Japan for example a Baday is a natural thing that this Ā«convenience" is very often set even in public toilets. In 1980, the production of the first "paperless toilet" launched in Japan. This is a combination toilet and Baday, which also dries you after washing. It is difficult to express how much the combined Baday-toilet is popular in Japan. Electronic toilet, bathroom with Baday, set at approximately 60% of homes! Such devices are often found in hotels and public buildings and even in some of the "public services" such as the post office!

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